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Next to nothing is more fun than capturing your enemy’s pieces! In neXtu, players strategically place geometric pieces with point values on the game board to collect more shapes and points than their opponent.

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HTML code that allows neXtu to played directly from the MJ4MF webiste is provided free of charge by NCTM. If you'd like to increase traffic by allowing visitors to play neXtu on your blog or website, you can find the code here.

Calculation Nation®

Calculation Nation is part of Illuminations, a project of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Calculation Nation is an online world of math strategy games. Players can challenge others or the computer in various math games, including Slam Ball, Factor Dazzle, and Dig It.

Illuminations is a collection of free resources for K-12 math educators. It currently contains 600+ lessons and 100+ online activities.

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