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Fill in the Blanks, Part I

Fill in the blanks below with the digits 1 through 9 to make both equations true. (Note that there are two equal signs.) Use each digit only once.

__ × __  __  =  __  __   __  =  __  __ × __

There is more than one solution to this puzzle. If you find one, try to find others!

Fill in the Blanks, Part II

Here's another fill-in-the-blank problem that looks similar but whose solution is quite different. Fill in the blanks so that the sentence is true. Note that some numbers may be used more than once, and other numbers may not be used at all.

This sentence contains __ 0's, __ 1's, __ 2's, __ 3's, __ 4's, __ 5's, __ 6's, __ 7's, __ 8's, and __ 9's.

Hint: Try a recursive process. Randomly place numbers in the blanks, and then count how many times each number occurs. That gives you the next set of entries for the blanks. Repeat until you find an answer or reach a dead end.

A Little Help

It might be easier to solve the first problem with the help of technology. Here's a calculator, compliments of