Super Bowl Squares Results
Thanks to the 31 participants of the Super Bowl Squares Online Contest.

For info on the bets that were placed, see Super Bowl Squares ‑ Bets.

The game was interesting, both from a football perspective as well as mathematically. Unlikely scores occurred during the first three quarters, resulting in a "push" until the fourth quarter:

  • There were no winners for the first quarter score (Patriots 0, Giants 9; winning square, 9‑0).
  • There were no winners for the second quarter score (Patriots 10, Giants 9; winning square, 9‑0).
  • There were no winners for the third quarter score (Patriots 17, Giants 15; winning square, 7‑5).
  • There were two winners in the fourth quarter (Patriots 17, Giants 21; winning square, 7‑1).
Consequently, Ben Morris and Tom Coffin were the only winners, so they split the $155 pool of Monopoly money, each receiving $77.50.

Had Ahmad Bradshaw taken a kneed (as most pundits thought he should,) instead of scoring a touchdown, and then Lawrence Tynes kicked a game-winning field goal, the final score would have been Patriots 7, Giants 8, and the fourth quarter square would have been 7‑8, which was not picked by anyone, either. There would have been no winners for the entire game!

Thanks again to those who participated. I hope to run this contest again in 2013… though I really hope that my beloved Steelers will be one of the teams.